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A reader has submitted a new timeshare scam alert about a possible closing company and escrow scam operating out of Hermosa Beach, California. She stated that she won an eBay auction for a timeshare, and received instruction to forward over $2,000. to a closing agent identified as Pacific Transfers LLC.  When she searched public records to determine if a business was registered in California under that name, she was unable to locate any registration for the company with the state of California. She stated that she then searched for information on the address being used by the business, and believes it is actually just a mail box. When she requested for the company to provide her with the contact information for the bank where an escrow account is maintained, she states that they could not provide her with any information to verify any escrow account. She stated that she called to file a complaint with the California Attorney General, but that since no money had changed hands they simply referred her to the local Better Business Bureau.

If you believe that you have been the victim of any type of timeshare or escrow related fraud perpetrated by this company, please take the time to report the crime to the Consumer Complaint Division of the California Attorney General's office by clicking HERE.

In a traditional real estate transaction, the party paying the closing fees normally has the right to choose the closing agent. Many eBay sellers require the use of a predetermined closing agent, and often these "companies" are not licensed or independent, but rather are simply in-house employees of the timeshare reseller. It is always a good strategy to ensure that an independent third party title and escrow agent be used for any timeshare resale purchase to provide protection throughout the closing process.

As always, please remember that the allegation of a scam does not mean that any type of fraud actually occurred. All readers are encouraged to fully investigate any timeshare reseller or closing company before sending in any money for a timeshare transaction- and if you have any doubts as to the legitimacy of the organization simply refuse to do business with them.



Jan chico
12/14/2011 11:09am

I appreciate the article. I was in transaction with this company and found your article.

Dave Willard
04/11/2013 11:53pm

Jan, Were you able to get out of the transaction. I have recently sent money PT to sell my timeshare. Someone did answer the phone when I called and said it would take from 3 to 12 months for the transfer to happen. It seems to me most people complain about PT when they are purchasing a timeshare through them not selling it.

01/11/2012 9:48pm

I have used Pacific Transfer recently on a Marriott Aruba Ocean Club timeshare and we are very pleased with the transfer 45 days they had it over to Marriott for transfer. 2nd timeshare purchase 1st with them and would recommend them.

01/17/2012 2:40pm

Been trying to reach them and their number is disconnected! My transfer (donation) was supposedly now in progress but I can't get anyone to return my phone calls. Now can't get through at all.

01/17/2012 4:13pm

I just called the phone number shown on the website for Pacific Property Transfer LLC and it went directly to a voicemail, so it does not appear to be disconnected as stated in an earlier comment.

jim tasker
04/19/2012 6:14pm

i purchased an ebay marriott timeshare 5 months ago and keep getting text messages stating they are waiting for the resort to finalize the deed transfer, but this has been going on for 3 months. i have tried to call someone and i can't find a good phone number....looks like i'm out of my $3k?!! I'm pissed....

carolyn pike
01/14/2013 7:54pm

I read your post regarding timeshare transfer purchased on ebay. did pacific transfer finalize the deed transfer and get the marriot timeshare deed to you? thankyou

David Berkowicz
10/29/2013 3:25pm

I WORKED with PT for over a year, They don't answer the phone. I did get a number they do answer,(but unfortunately its not easy to get. They will give it to you when they want more money.) I decided not to throw good after bad, and kept my timeshare.After dealing with them for almost 2 years, I hate to admit it but I felt SCAMMED!

08/09/2012 9:41pm

We are considering using the Pacific Trans Inc. to get rid of our time share. Is this the way for Senior to rid themselves of their lemons???? I do not like the idea of PAYING them to take a timeshare we paid thousands of hard earned money for. We had payed another company to sell it a few years ago but never heard from them again.
Is this another company trying to take advantage of us Seniors?????

03/27/2013 9:28pm

I have used Pacifc Trans. Inc. to transfer my timeshare. They followed through with their claims and I was timeshare free at the end of the process.

Paying somebody to take a timeshare is not the best situation to find yourself in obviously but I was in a predicament like yours where I had already been scammed trying to sell my timeshare for a profit. Good luck to you!

01/21/2014 12:11pm

DO NOT USE THEM. They are scam artists. We have been told for almost a year that our transfer is "almost complete." In the meantime, we now have to pay another year's association fees. I don't know how to advise you regarding getting rid of your timeshare, but that is a separate issue. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

03/17/2014 3:09pm

I have had success in the past with listing my timeshares on ebay.
I had a closing agent at that time.
Often times the resort will assist with the closing.
With ebay be prepared to get pennies on the dollar for your timeshare. The secondary market can be brutal.
Hope this helps

05/01/2013 5:51pm

My boyfriend and I both purchased separate timeshares on ebay in 2012 that are supposedly being closed by Pacific Timeshare. Pacific kept telling me that it was Bluegreen causing the delay. I spoke to a representative at Bluegreen last week, and they sent my paperwork back to Pacific in 2012 because it was not complete. Bluegreen did not get my completed paperwork back until March 27, 2013. My boyfriend's purchase was also returned to them on February 13, 2013 because it was not complete. His purchase was in late December. As of last week, they have not received anything back from Pacific Timeshare.

03/14/2014 5:12pm

I won an ebay auction for an Idaho timeshare resort in May 2012.
Stephanie at PT handled the closing.
The sale was for a week starting in 2013 with PT to pay the 2012 maintenance fee.
Nick at PT/ has given me every excuse about the delay in closing.
The resort has transferred the week into my name and threatened collection action on the 2012 fees.
I have yet to receive a recorded deed for the week.
Buyer beware on these scam artists.

07/17/2014 11:42pm

Pacific Timeshare represented their company to owners of our resort in February 2013. Deeds sent to owners were incomplete when sent to be signed and notarized by owners. Owners were told that their representative would notify the resort of the transfer. Nothing was done by Pacific Transfer after that. Now the owner has a past due account and delinquent property taxes. The owner did as asked in good faith to transfer their ownership and got ripped off.

02/03/2015 9:56am

We used PT to transfer our Orange Tree time share to another owner almost 2 years ago. We paid several thousand dollars! I completed all paperwork on time, and documented all conversations. They tried to tell me I didn't send in paperwork on time and I sent them postal proof. Now they won't call me back! I have had to pay maintenance fees (which they said they would cover after the first year) I told them I would have them investigated by my lawyer and of course they no longer are communicating with me. I truly believe this is a Pyramid scheme ! I think I'm going to be out $5000.00. I wish someone would investigate them. Maybe its time to do that. This would be a great story, not to mention save many people from losing their money !!

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