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There is a very interesting article published in Timeshare Pages that seems to have uncovered some information of concern about the king of all post-card companies, Timeshare Relief.

The author describes how the business operates under numerous names and brands, all located out of the same physical location with the same business model. He raises the question of why a legitimate business would feel the need to hide behind so many disguises?

He then goes even further, accusing the local Better Business Bureau of possibly colluding with the companies to help hide important consumer information about their business practices! After the series of reports from ABC News detailing the "pay-for-ratings" schemes being perpetrated by some BBB franchises (see one the reports by clicking HERE), you have to seriously consider the possibility that there may be more than just a kernel to truth in this author's report! The following is an excerpt from his article:

.... Strong accusations we know… however to test and make sure that the BBB was aware of this situation and not just oblivious to it, we registered a trust link account of our own. We then posted a simple but truthful message on each one of these companies review boards, stating: "If you are under the impression that this company is buying your timeshare and that you will receive cash….think again. Dealing with this Company could cost you, the timeshare owner, as much as $3995.00 for closing costs to transfer your timeshare“  Within 24 hours every single review was taken down. Clearly the BBB is not only aware of this, it appears that they are actively helping to cover up the issue. Believe it or not...

Regardless of the BBB situation, the truth of the matter is simple. If you have decided that you must liquidate an unwanted timeshare, there are many opportunities to do so that cost FAR LESS than dealing with any type of Timeshare Relief company!

Always try the following before you agree to pay thousands of dollars to any timeshare liquidator!

  1. Call your resort owner services or management company to ask if they accept deedbacks. Many resorts do.. Often these companies will take  your money, then simply deed the property back to the resort- something you could have done for free!
  2. Try to give away the ownership to friends, family, and co-workers. Just like most things in life- your own personal network is often the most effective!
  3. Contact a respected resale brokerage that does not require any type of upfront fee. Click HERE to request a referral to a trusted broker within our network!



David Whitten
03/16/2012 2:42pm

Thank you for drawing my attention to this article. It has certainly made me reconsider my initial enthusiasm to try Great North Transfer's services...... they are asking for over $5900 upfront!
I will try the other avenues suggested by the article.

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