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Located on a beautiful beach on Marco Island that is perfect for shelling. The resort has been recently refurbished and the villas are fantastic.  The villas are all 2 bedrooms and have some type of beach view. We stayed in an 8th floor unit and had stunning sunsets each evening. There are many employees and most were very nice. We were approached by a points salesperson for a tour, but declined and he didn't pressure us after that. There seemed to be an awful lot of rules, as we kept getting threatened with fines- but I don't think they were serious. At least I hope not. Even with the salesman and the rules, I still thought the help was nice overall.

The resort has activities, but we did not have the grandchildren so didn't do anything. Ate in most of the time to save money, and the kitchen was nicely furnished. Had to have someone explain to us how to use the coffee maker but otherwise managed just fine. Had a hard time getting my husband out from in front of the baseball games on the flat television, but managed to get him to take a stroll each evening along the water. Don 't try to rent a beach chair. It was $25. I bought a fold up chair at Publix for less that I kept all week. It was hard carrying it, but I didn't want to waste so much money.

The resort is locked after dark and you need an access code to get back in. Forgot the code once, but still had the front desk saved on my cell phone so was able to call and get it. Old age I guess.

Went to Snooky Inn and got all you can eat seafood buffet that was very good. There  was also a pancake breakfast with firefighters that was fun at the fire dept by city hall.

I think I would like to go there again.

-no name given other than an email address starting with DavidsMyGrandson