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A corporate press release was issued warning of a possible timeshare scam out of Encino, California operating under the name of World Financial Timeshare Group.

The press release states, "Important: This group does not in any way represent World Financial Group, Inc. It is a fraudulent attempt by unaffiliated persons to obtain monies through fraudulent means and they are illegally using the World Financial Group name and/or affiliation."

If you believe that you have been a victim of consumer fraud perpetrated by this organization, or by any timeshare resale scam in California, please take the time to report the crime to the California Attorney General by clicking HERE.



Andrew Norris
05/02/2011 2:10pm

contact Larry Sanchez at world Financial timeshare group

Lesego Lippe
06/15/2011 11:08am

A company calling itself World Financial Timeshare Group contacted me and informed me that they can sell my timeshare in a month which I allowed them to. After paying all the closing fees, they invented a 'glitch' in processing the fees but informed me that it stemmed from their side and they'll take of the glitch. Since May 31, they've gone underground - I have called and sent emails to find what was going on, todate, it seems like they've vanished into thin air. So, Mr. Sanchez what happened since you were one of those people. Don't you thin the real WFG is telling the public the truth? Your company is based in Encino...! If I decide to lodge a complaint with the FTC, which I will soon, you will be among those questioned especially because you're one who started the process--I am truly hurting - I need some answers.

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